LeDucSAS - Nohomo Sword for VERTEX

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Published by LeDucSAS (mod ID: 906307)


This sword is special on multiple elements.

  • To begin with, it's the first officially publicly released weapon of 4.26, game on, so that's for the ego boost.
  • The second one, it's the first dick sword ever created for Vertex game.
  • The third one, it hacked the color system to provide a convenient way for the end manly user to change the metalness, roughness and emissive intensity values.
  • It's the smallest ever mod on Vertex ! 215kb only 0.2mb !

We'll be then be able to fight with our dick swords clashing against each others in a safe nohomo way.

This sword, the Nohomo Sword, is hereby the most proudly manliest representent of the manhood of the manly males out there in all color, metalness, roughness and emissive ways.

Be proud of your sword.

2021/05/06 - Initial release




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DirtyWookie @thefilthywookie

all I ever wanted from 10/10