Cook and Run - Modding Utility for VERTEX

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Published by riseandfade (mod ID: 740748)


This script cooks and launches a Vertex mod you are working on

To cook more than one mod with this script create a copy of this file and give it a new name. Keep the copy in the same folder.
You can exit this script by inputting CTRL+C
Running the script will create .ini files in the directory the script is in to save your config for later
Contact dukedukes#0001 on Discord for support

Vertex SDK
Vertex client
Vertex server
Unreal engine

Run AllowPowerShellScripts.bat as admin to allow powershell scripts to run. You only need to run this once.
Run CookAndRun.ps1 by right clicking the file and select "Run with PowerShell"
Complete the prompts
Your mod will cook then your Vertex client and server will launch


If you get a message saying "Failed to build plugin":

open your mod in Unreal engine
open the project launcher
run your profile
when it's done click the "Save Log..." button and send me the log file on Discord at dukedukes#0001

If PowerShell has some other error:

send me a screenshot on Discord at dukedukes#0001




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Bax1614454319 @bax1614454319

Rise is a legend

Roguej @roguej

Absolute genius, thank you so much for this script.