Alta Vista for VERTEX

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Published by Byzzil (mod ID: 2007009)

Alta Vista History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash
alta_vista_server.zipServer version268.22mbb1adab152afc29b6704fdc58c904720e
alta_vista_1.01.2.zipMinor patch807.73mb10bc077b8ff2eb7c01b9cd25acd6ea3f

Apr 29 2022 - Server version

Version of the map for servers

Apr 28 2022 - Minor patch


-i know i promised not a new patch for a while but this was to important to let slide.

- Mystery FPS drops fixed
- Falling snow on mountain top removed ( because that was the bad guy who caused it! so i had to execute it, i hope nobody was attached to it...)
- Tiny many changes to the map who are for you to discover
- More lighting in the cave because Sticknick is blind atleast now he will hit something :p
- I wish i could name a million things here but that was about it. I hope you all enjoy.